Automate Anything, Anywhere, Anytime
Smart Home for everyone

The first truly Smart AC Control

We have refined the traditional idea about smart home with our simple approach to the AC controlling devices. No more compromise. The smart things are finally got fully smart!

And because we know you won’t be pleased to read "No connection", Kosi supports fully autonomous function as well

Kosi Temperature

Always stay cosy

Unlimited possibilities in manual control modes

Never wake up freezing

Do you know that feeling when you wake up in the arctic, even though its hot outside? No more with Kosi!

Now with improved automatic mode!

Save Money, lots of it!

Kosi pays for itself. Save money in the smart way, simple and efficient.

For our average customer Kosi pays itself within 2 months!

Simple app, easy to use for everyone

For iOS & Android and even offline!

Maintain Cozy Temperature
Fully automatic mode to maintain comfortable temperature
Manual Override
Don't fight with your smart home, you are in control and can manually override at any time
Event Triggers
Setup rules to setup Kosi for time schedules, event triggers and conditions
So small you can place it anywhere

Discover our starter kit

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